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Complete Kitchens and Bathrooms Only Use A Select List Of Trusted Kitchen & Bathroom Manufacturers

We use quality materials, fixtures and fittings from only the best British and European
manufacturers such as Crown Imperial because your satisfaction is paramount to us. Our kitchens are all made in the United Kingdom.

Armitage Shanks Products

Armitage Shanks celebrated its 200th birthday in 2017 and is as prominent and influential today in non-residential markets as it has ever been. They are a leader in the healthcare market, providing ceramics,fittings and other products to NHS and private hospitals and clinics across the UK. They continue to develop pioneering technology to support healthcare providers in the battle against infection, most recently seen in their Contour 21+ washbasin and Markwik 21+ mixer tap. Their products can also be found in high rise office washrooms and major sports stadia, as well as leisure centres, schools, hotels and more.

Astracast Products

Astracast is recognised as a market leader in the manufacture of kitchen sinks, taps and accessories. They have been making sinks for more than 25 years.

Astracast was founded in 1984 as the world’s first specialist manufacturer of coloured composite sinks. It was part of the Spring Ram Corporation’s group of companies specialising in home improvement products and based in Leeds, Yorkshire. In June 1999, Spring Ram Corporation was purchased by US Industries (USI), an independent public based in New Jersey, USA, with Astracast a key part of its UK operation, Jacuzzi UK.

During the 1990’s Astracast grew to become the UK’s largest sink manufacturer by market share, and one of the largest sink manufacturers in the world producing in excess of one million kitchen sinks, kitchen taps and accessories per year. Stainless Steel and Ceramic sinks were added to the product portfolio in 1991, supported with the purchase of SSP Malta in 1994, a manufacturing plant specialising in the manufacture of stainless steel sink products.

Over the years Astracast has focused on innovation and design to produce market leading products from the world first coloured composite sink products in 1984 to the addition of our ROK® material in 1997, a composite material with 85% real quartz to give unrivalled resistance and performance. In 2010 saw another world’s first, a textured composite sink finish, ROK-TEX – a textured natural slate finish as featured on our Contour sink range.

Aqualisa are about more than technology.

Whilst they’ve pioneered many of the ways in which the UK showers over the past 40 years, they’ve  always tried to understand what it truly means to have a great shower. They know that a great shower does you a world of good and that’s why they’ve never settled for an OK one.

Through each of their ranges of electric, smart and mixer showers they’ve taken everything they knew and rebuilt. Time and time again.

In the 70’s they wanted reliable water temperature so they invented the Bi-Metallic coil, never to suffer a cold shower again.
In 2001 you told them that having to stand under the shower before turning it on didn’t feel right, so they made you a remote control. No more wet arm!

Now they’re doing it again. Their showers are evolving every year and the best is yet to come.  They mean it when they say that they’re  obsessed with showers so next time you are looking to buy a shower, remember Aqualisa and they’ll make sure yours is great too. Every single time.

Kitchen sinks and taps by BLANCO – the number one for innovation, functionality and cutting edge design.

The kitchen is crucial to everyday life. Whether it’s a quick breakfast, a family meal or a party, everything revolves around the kitchen and more specifically, the sink. The humble kitchen sink is central to preparing, cooking and clearing up, so it is important to invest in a quality brand you can trust.

BLANCO has over 90 years’ experience producing industry leading kitchen products in a range of quality materials; stainless steel kitchen sinks ceramic kitchen sinks and composite granite kitchen sinks . Today, having sold over 50 million kitchen sinks and solutions, we are one of the most successful kitchen sink manufacturers in the world.

Bloom Stones London


Quality is what we they are all about

For over 25 years, Bloom Stones London has worked with Natural Stones and composites. With a vast array of materials form around the world, all selected by their expert team and sent to the warehouse ready to be viewed and selected. Blooms are set to offer a unique viewing experience rarely seen in the industry.

Their team of passionate curators have an eye for the best quality materials with the most fascinating movements available from all over the world.

The vision is to offer an unique, personable experience that allows fabricators, designers and end users alike an opportunity to not only get up close and personal with their materials but to also get honest, accurate advice and information about our materials.

By your side – today, tomorrow and in the future. Bosch home appliances.

As Europe’s number one home appliance brand,Bosch always offer absolute peak performance to make your everyday life easier. Bosch home appliances represent uncompromising quality, technical perfection and absolute reliability. Yesterday, today and in the future.

Carron Phoenix Products

Carron Phoenix is best known for its sink manufacturing these days but we can trace our roots back to 1759 when The Carron Company was founded as an iron foundry in Falkirk.

Back then, The Carron Company became a manufacturing power-house, driving the industrial revolution in Scotland to a point where it employed 5000 people, operated it’s own fleet of steam ships and even issued its own currency to enable global trading.

During The Carron Company’s history it made domestic items like flat irons, cast iron baths, range cookers and most famously the Carronade cannons used by Wellington at Waterloo. Carron Company could lay claim to a marketing first as it was the first organisation worldwide to have its name synonymous with a product, as Lord Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory, was equipped with “Carronades”. Later Carron turned its expertise to making Britain’s famous red telephone boxes and post boxes.

Products that give you inspiration for your kitchen.

Crown Imperial – High-Quality British Furniture

Crown Imperial is a family-run business with over 70 years’ of experience in the manufacture of high-quality British furniture. The company prides itself on offering an extensive collection of contemporary and classic fitted furniture in a wide choice of styles, with flexible options to suit you and your home. Renowned for its cutting-edge manufacturing technology, Crown Imperial continues to demonstrate its true dedication to innovation and design to deliver a wonderful palette of high-quality furniture products over six decades. Crown Imperial works closely with its local specialist retailer network to ensure you are guided through all the options available to select furniture fitted around you, whether it’s kitchens, bedrooms or living; you are sure to be inspired.

Renowned for cutting-edge manufacturing technology, Crown Imperial continues today to demonstrate its true dedication to innovation and design, offering a comprehensive palette of high-quality fitted home furniture solutions distributed by its nationwide independent retailer network.

Crown Daventry NEW 360° design inspiration

Crown is delighted to unveil the latest Daventry 360° virtual tour, presenting various new features to enhance the online experience. The tour is the perfect introduction to the entire furniture range, an opportunity to view the 15,000 sq. ft. showcase at any time.

It’s ideal for kick-starting new year interior projects. The new navigation features include a new ‘open door’ icon. The user can explore a host of interior, organised storage solutions across individual room sets in one click. We have also added a new ‘internal gallery’ icon at the bottom of the screen, providing a lookbook of design ideas for retailers to highlight the product’s versatility and help customers visualise their chosen scheme.

Cullifords – A Long, Established Name in the Stone Business

From natural stones, like granite and marble, to man-made natural quartz and ceramics, Culliford’s boasts a stock of over 3000 slabs at its Kingston Upon Thames showroom.  Cullifords has attained its reputation over the last 50 years as a top stone wholesaler of the finest quality natural and man-made surfaces for commercial and domestic projects.

Picking some of the most exotic and exciting stones, they offer unrivalled expertise and access to many of the world’s finest surfaces. Culliford’s is the go-to destination for genuine statement materials, suitable for any residential or commercial sector application.
The degree of choice combined with the company’s depth of knowledge guarantees you a surface material unique to your home or commercial project.



Dekton employs exclusive Sinterized Particle Technology, a high tech process which represents an accelerated version of the metamorphic change that natural stone undergoes when subjected to high temperatures and pressure over thousands of years.

Sinterized particle technology synthesizes truly innovative procedures from the most advanced technology industries. This evolution represents a technological and industrial leap capable of generating a new process, a revolutionary material and a leading product.

Electronic microscopy allows us to fully appreciate the material’s zero porosity, a consequence of the sinterization and ultra-compaction process exclusive to DEKTON. This zero porosity and lack of the micro-defects that cause tension or weak spots mark the difference as far as DEKTON is concerned.

FRANKE – everything but ordinary

For over 100 years, Franke has thrived on innovative engineering and outstanding design. Not only do they offer excellent products, but also tailor-made solutions for the complex needs of their customers. Everything they do should be unique – from the products they develop to the way they deal with their customers, partners, and employees. For Franke, sustainability means securing business success in the long term while protecting natural resources.

GROHE is the world’s leading provider of sanitary fittings and a global brand, dedicated to providing innovative water products.

For many decades, GROHE has been committed to the brand values of technology, quality, design and sustainability that all illustrate GROHE’s commitment to creating exceptional experiences and to delivering “Pure Freude an Wasser”. With its engineering, innovation and design activities firmly anchored in Germany, GROHE products bear the badge of quality “Made in Germany”, ultimately strengthening the customers’ confidence in the brand. All plants of the GROHE manufacturing network make use of high-precision production engineering to ensure compliance with consistently high GROHE standards. This way GROHE ensures that its products live up to the most uncompromising demands in terms of workmanship and functionality.

Ideal Standard Products

Ideal Standard is one of the leading domestic bathroom brands in the UK. They are renowned for the exceptional quality of our products, based on a heritage stretching back over a century and an unceasing desire to constantly push the boundaries of design and technology. They supply everyone from major national and multi-regional house builders who are working on large scale developments to small companies building a handful of homes. Their products are also widely available from plumbers’ and builders’ merchants, DIY stores and online retail and trade outlets.

Kudos Showers

Kudos Showers

Innovative design combined with superb engineering. For over 20 years Kudos has built a reputation for the highest quality and is widely recognised as the UK’s leading independent shower enclosure manufacturer. During this time they have built a reputation for producing innovative,  precision engineered luxury shower doors, enclosures and trays that represent excellent value for money. 

Designed in house by their specialist technical team, every Kudos product is hand-built in their own factories by dedicated staff, tested to the highest European standards and are individually inspected before leaving them to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Matki’s commitment to quality is a personal matter, nurtured by their long-standing teams over decades of experience and acute attention to detail.

Beginning in design, they ensure each creation is challenged to surpass industry requirements, tested for endurance, stability and water retention giving themselves and their customers true confidence in their products. In manufacture, they make every product to order in the United Kingdom, with every element assembled and finished by hand.

They invest in authentic, hand-built quality for a product that will truly stand the test of time in your home.

Miele Household Appliances

Miele has been an independent family-owned company since its establishment in 1899 and is equally committed to its owners, employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and society.

The company focus is on manufacturing household appliances for the kitchen, the laundry room and for floorcare, as well as appliances for use in commercial operations and medical facilities (“Miele Professional”). The strategic vision is to be the world’s most trusted and desirable premium brand.

Miele offers products to its customers that set the standards for durability, performance, ease of use, energy efficiency, design and service. This corresponds to the guiding principle “Immer besser” which the founders Carl Miele (left) and Reinhard Zinkann printed on their first machines – and which characterises Miele to this day.

The company focuses exclusively on the Miele brand and its consistent positioning in the premium segment. Miele stands for long-term thinking and planning, continuity of values and goals, good relationships with customers and suppliers, as well as an employee-oriented corporate and leadership culture.

Mira Showers- Enhance Your Everyday Experience

Planning a new bathroom? Use their helpful inspiration tool to discover which Mira products best suit your bathroom space. You can filter by the size of your bathroom (small, medium, large, en-suite) as well as by the style of the bathroom you’d like to achieve (contemporary, traditional, family, independent living).

Mira are proud to be the UK’s No. 1 shower brand for the installer. That’s they design our products with you, the professional, in mind. Tney are driven by the knowledge that you need an efficient installation and a reliable product.

Montrose Bathroom Furniture

For more than 20 years, Montrose has been creating beautifully designed, hand built bathroom furniture from our UK manufacturing facility. As you would expect of a specialist Bathroom Furniture supplier, our dedicated team of employees has formed a product range that will answer even the most challenging design brief. The range of styles, finishes and design combinations we are able to offer, provide the perfect blend for your lifestyle choice and budget.


MYSON is the UK’s only total solutions provider for heat emitters with three key aims, to simplify, innovate and grow. By implementing these simple initiatives they believe they offer a better experience for their customers.

Their Mission: With strong values, such as trust, openness and honesty they aim to provide total heating solutions for an ecological world.

Their Vision: As part of Europe’s biggest manufacturer of heating solutions, they want to continue to use our strengths to grow in new and related market segments.

SIMPLIFY our operations, INNOVATE new solutions, GROW in our chosen target markets…

NEFF Products

Much has changed since Carl Neff made his first oven in 1877. People all over the world have rolled up their sleeves and shared in the joys and chores of cooking. Global ingredients have become local ingredients. And from humble beginnings, the kitchen has grown in stature, to become the centrepiece of the home – often with a NEFF oven right at its heart.

Based near Manchester, England, Polyflor is a major manufacturer of commercial floor coverings, operating successfully throughout the world.

Polyflor is constantly striving to improve processes and products to reflect the changing demands of the marketplace. They have invested ca. £34 million in plant and equipment over the last decade, enhancing and expanding their product portfolio to provide added value for their customers.

The foundation of Polyflor’s success is their customer focus, and they work closely with contractors, specifiers and end-users to understand their requirements and provide the ideal flooring solution for any installation. Polyflor has dedicated personnel within its salesforce, technical department and design team to provide comprehensive customer support. The company has developed an extensive network of agents, distributors and wholly-owned subsidiaries throughout all markets, to ensure excellent product and sample availability.

Polyflor is a quality-driven organisation, with our manufacturing processes and systems ISO 9001 accredited. They are fully committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and also conform to ISO 14001.

Perrin & Rowe


Perrin & Rowe fittings now have an international reputation for design and quality. But only 40 years ago Bob Perrin & Greg Rowe were working from a garden shed.

The Perrin & Rowe Promise

All Perrin & Rowe products are designed and manufactured in Britain.  They are driven by engineering excellence. They use state of the art manufacturing technology to support traditional methods and skills.

Their brassware is made from low lead brass of the highest quality available. The surface is plated to a thickness that exceeds industry standards, ensuring a deep, protective coating that is resistant to wear and pleasing to the eye.

Brassware is assembled by hand, and they individually water-test each one.

All handles and spouts include bearing rings and engineering ‘O’ seals to ensure maximum durability. Perrin & Rowe brassware has a ‘wobble free feel’.

The ceramic disc valves are tested up to 500,000 cycles and supplied by the world’s leading ceramic cartridge manufacturer. On test, valves are repeatedly turned on and off with pressurised water to the equivalent of 25 years’ use in a domestic installation.

Perrin & Rowe specifically manufacture for different markets around the globe. No additional adapters or converters are required for installation.

Their main aim is to offer the world’s finest range of kitchen and bathroom products.

Premium Natural Quartz Surfaces, Radianz

Radianz is a high-quality interior material made of vacuum compression moulding, whose beauty can be expressed in various colours without using natural stone, yet high in strength, with a luxurious, sophisticated texture incorporating 99.9% high purity natural quartz. It has excellent scratch resistance, durability and stain resistance, and is applied to flooring, interior walls, top-quality kitchen tops, bathroom furniture and artful wall cladding.

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SAMSUNG Home appliances

Following a range of new product launches over the last year, 78% of Samsung home appliances have been rated as Best Buys and we’ve produced the top-scoring fridge and fridge-freezer that the world-renowned awards body has tested. Samsung is dedicated to providing innovative home appliances that bring kitchens to life and give consumers real benefits they can experience every day, which is demonstrated through this consumer voted award.

Robert King, Consumer Electronics Vice President at Samsung UK said “We are extremely proud to win this award from such a prestigious organisation as Which?. We have a passion for creating products that consumers love and make an actual difference to their lives, so to be recognised for that is an honour.”

Sensio Furniture Lighting

Sensio Lighting is a family run business with over 15 years experience and knowledge of providing high quality LED lighting to the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom market.

They believe in doing things differently, and place focus on designing and developing the latest cutting edge lighting solutions, first. Alongside this, education is at the top of our priority list. Lighting is often perceived as complex and is therefore sometimes dismissed completely when purchasing a new kitchen. They want to make lighting simple, and endeavor to give you all of the tools you need.

Renowned for their expertise and quality, they are a fast growing global brand, currently established in the UK, USA and Slovenia.

Showerlux Products

The Showerlux Collection brings together 40 years of experience of innovative and beautifully designed, painstakingly engineered shower enclosures. Part of the Duscholux Group with manufacturing facilities across Europe, the UAE and in Thailand.

No matter how much space you have, Showerlux have created innovative bathing solutions for your bathroom.

Siemens home appliances – always one step ahead.

The introduction of home appliances irrevocably changed the way households were run around the world. And from the beginning of the 20th century, Siemens not only pioneered breakthrough technologies in home appliances, but has always been one step ahead. Always anticipating the need of the consumer and delivering solutions that made life simpler, more efficient, and extraordinary.

Siemens Home Appliances: where advanced materials, sleek lines and geometric shapes meet to form a refined and clear design language. Introducing you to a life full of endless possibilities.

Silestone Natural Quartz

Silestone is Natural Quartz created for kitchens and bathrooms decoration from a treatment that offers beauty and a wide range of colours, extraordinary textures and outstanding properties.

Cosentino creates leading global market brands for kitchen and bathroom quartz surfaces. One of the most important of these major brands is the Silestone bacteriostatic quartz worktop, part of the exclusive Foro de Marcas Renombradas de España (Spanish Forum of Leading Brands), consisting of a mere 75 Spanish brands.  1990 saw the birth of Silestone, a product that brings together the best of natural stone, and even leads to its enhancement. This is an undeniable leap forward in development that is afforded instant recognition by professionals and end users alike. It has been so successful that it has formed a category all of its own: the bacteriostatic quartz worktop.  Silestone by Cosentino is a unique brand – thanks to its properties and characteristics, and because anyone with a Silestone product also automatically becomes one of a kind. Its exclusive nature has enabled it to become a brand linked to the world of fashion and design, associated with the highest levels of innovation and modernity.

On the basis of its undeniable, tangible values, certified by professionals from the world of decoration, design and architecture, Silestone has consolidated its global prestige, with the brand now being present in more than 50 countries. It enjoys the position of market leader in its sector, and offers an example of research and innovation for both public and private building projects in the 21st century.

Sottini Bathroom Products

In 1939 the brothers decided to set up their own business manufacturing stamps for metal sheets. With the beginning of the Second World War the activity started to go down, affected also by the deporting of Giuseppe Sottini in a Concentration Camp in Germany. After the war the business grew up again with the production of brassware for irrigation. Antonio and Giuseppe use to visit personally each customer and expanded their business in the region of Liguria, just under Piemonte.

In the 50s they got the brilliant intuition of starting to produce aluminium coffee machines that they sold under the brand Vampa. This step gave the company the chance to succeed considerably. Afterwards the time of the cooperation with Fiat in Turin came; Sottini manufactured various metal pieces for the important car company.

The 60s is the time of brassware, sold for the 90% in the USA. Thanks to the American experience Sottini put into the Italian market the fittings in methacrylate first and onyx afterwards.

The 70s are probably the brightest years in the history of the company, when the Sottini golden brassware became internationally recognised especially by middle-eastern emirs and ship-owners, their main customers. In 1972 the company opened a new factory in Gozzano (Novara), a unique example of post-modern architecture. In the meantime the new headquarters opened in the glamorous centre of Milan.

Sottini re-launched the brand in September 2015 at 100% design. The brand was launched with a host of fresh new products that could be used without any restrictions to a collection. The new products portfolio inspires you “the customer” to Simply Imagine.

Stoves- Made Better

Throughout the early ’90s, Stoves fought off competition from overseas brands due to the strength of its collections. In addition, the brand was known for introducing high-tech special features, which appealed to the increasingly tech savvy UK consumer.

The ’90s saw the introduction of new oven doors that were stronger, easier to clean and easier to manufacture; a Powercool system that kept the oven casing at no more than blood temperature when in use; and a self-cleaning gas ceramic Maxigrill.

Stoves acquired New World in the late ’90s, renaming itself the Stoves Group and continued to grow and innovate, particularly in the growing Range Cooker sector.

The new millennium saw Stoves achieve its eleventh year of record growth and HRH Prince Charles awarded his personal Prince of Wales Medal for Industrial Design to the Stoves 1200 Dfa range. Made from food grade stainless steel it had a seven-burner gas hotplate and two large electric ovens.

In 2012 Stoves and GDHA received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2012 in the International Trade category after overseas sales of its British-made products increased by 880%. The award was presented during a visit by HRH The Duke of Kent.

2018 sees Stoves leading the way in Deluxe Range Cooker innovation once again, introducing the first Deluxe Range Cooker with Bluetooth® connectivity; elevated Panglide™ pan supports, Pro-Trac™ double extension telescopic sliders, advanced touch-slide induction precision control knobs and the Quad Oven Proflex™ Cavity Splitter, which transforms the 900mm three oven Deluxe Range Cooker into four ovens.

Stoves’ love affair with cooking started on Valentine’s Day 1920 and almost 100 years later, it’s still going strong.

Beautiful Brassware

TRES GRIFERÍA is a family-run company with more than 50 years of experience, dedicated to the complete manufacture and marketing of top-quality tapware for bathrooms and kitchens, hydromassage columns and bathroom accessories. With subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, Poland and Portugal, and its main factory covering an area of more than 30,000 m2 located in Vallirana (Barcelona), TRES GRIFERÍA produces more than 3,000 tapware models and is one of the leading companies in Europe. Its objective is very clear: service, quality and price.

All manufacturing is done under one roof, in modern facilities capable of ensuring consistent quality and control over the entire manufacturing process. In addition, its management system guarantees deliveries and minimises client stocks, making TRES the leading company in Europe, with high-quality products for the user’s comfort.

The entire TRES range meets the needs of even the most demanding consumer. Style and comfort, along with state-of-the-art technology, are its top priorities, making it the optimal solution for new trends in kitchens and bathrooms.

Whirlpool- The future of appliances at your fingertips.

We create purposeful technology that helps free up your schedule for what really matters. We feel that our products should positively impact your life right now, otherwise it’s just technology for the sake of technology. Our brands and products help you appreciate today with an eye towards tomorrow.

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